Summer Duties

Summer Duties

Summer Duties

It's very important that students rest over the summer after agonies of Final Exams, Regents, test prep and all the anxieties that attach to the end of the school year. But it is more important to attend to end of the year duties. Deciding what to do with note books, left over term papers, exams, etc. It's good to set up some time with your child to review the year: to review mishaps, remember accomplishments, applaud final grades and discuss what could have improved. If you have younger siblings, don't throw out the notebooks. As a summer project, all old notebooks could be consolidated into word documents for the next child's use. Well written essays should also be saved in a file for retrieval, posters used during the school year can be saved and stored for future use.

The summer is also a good time to improve typing skills, expand software knowledge (Word, Excel, Adobe and PowerPoint) and improve research techniques. If your child's school does not give out a reading list, then you should. Daily reading should be required, as well as watching one good nature show a week, if not more. A mind needs nurturing, development and care. Bad habits should be acknowledged and addressed, and parents should not be ashamed to take a serious look at their child's friends.

But exercise and fun should also be high priorities. The last thing your child should do is spend the summer hitting little buttons on video games. Perhaps you could teach your child a new game, one with strategies, engagement with the intellect and rewards. Bill Gates recommends the game called Bridge, I prefer Hearts, which can increase perception and decision making. If there is no summer job in the words, a few hours a week can be devoted to volunteering and these hours retained for the resume. It is expected all resumes should have some volunteer hours. And if your child does not have a resume denoting what he or she has done, that is a good starting point.

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